How to claim your bounty

Catch the following chefs in-game:

Harvestgain: Uncle Chan
Leafcull: Chef de Fromage
Morningthaw: Ramen
Solclaim: Laserblade or Dark Alchemist
Thistledown: Flour
Wintersebb: Celestiana or Nudd Ramen once you have the horn and bounty will be arranged.

Sightings and News

The Master of the Herd has been sighted near Yaraq and other desert towns, as well as in the Holtburg/Glenden Wood vicinity. Please contact us with any additional sighting information

Reports of encounters with the Master of the Herd are pouring in from the field:

"I ran across [the master of the herd] in the desert and he promptly one-shotted me as the quarrel that would have driven him to die was about to fire... Curiously, when I went back to get my corpse he was gone as well". (Anonymous)

"The cows are tricky like that. I smote him before he had the chance to escape." (Anonymous)

"What you've got here is a bull that's just plain mean. There's no reasoning with 'im." (Farmer Pogget)

"Once I get ahold of him, I'll make a stew such as Dereth has never seen before! NO...a PIE...yes, a cow pie of mythic proportions!" (Ramen again)

More tales of elisiveness just in from an adventurer on Frostfell:
I was playing my lvl 1 dagger char while I strutted alongside the 'master of the herd'. I remembered reading about him the day before. So I logged on as my swordsman (lvl 39) ready for a tough fight. I went back and all the cows were still there apart from the Master of The Herd!! This was on Frostfell very near the GW meeting hall.