Halloween in Haunted Yanshi 2002

It was a dark and stormy night. From across Dereth, adventurers journeyed to the ruins of old Yanshi, though few could fully know what they would find there.

At the base of the infamous rock in Yanshi center they gathered. They laughed. They feasted. And, oh, how they danced, those children of Dereth. Inevitably, all this activity awoke some phantoms of Yanshi past. On this occasion, the world of the living was somehow intersected by the world of the dead, and the spirits arose! Interestingly enough, the recently discovered copies of the Haunted History of Yanshi Hamlet shed some light on these ghosts and their sad tales. Souvenir copies of this book were handed out that the stories might not be forgotten.

Guests were treated to a torchlight tour of the haunted ruins and the tales of Yanshi were told to all who would hear them. At the town center, a seasonal feast was laid, and the guests complimented each other's costumes over a mug of ale and a candied apple. Between feastings, they would approach each other and trick or treat, never knowing what they would receive from their fellow citizen.

Near the end of the evening, a costume contest was held, and a few costumes chosen for special recognition though all who attended were dressed in great finery indeed. As the event concluded, guests stumbled home, perhaps happy, perhaps thoughtful, but it was certain that none would soon forget that night in Yanshi.


The Tour hears the tragic tale of Romano and Juliard as the Remorseful Watchman looks on.
The ghost of a no-good vagabond threatens party-goers.
Things get out of hand as the vagabond insults the tour group.
Justice is served.
Thanks to Zulika Mi-Nam, Juliard finally gets her lover's note.
Reunited, the spirits finally find peace.

The contestants line up for judging.
Costume Judging - Chef Ravlen did an unforgettable job describing our contestants!
The Winners!
Left to right: Drudge Deviator (3rd Prize), Azergoth (Grand Prize), Zeneph (1st Prize), Magically Impaired (2nd Prize), and Deep Fried Beer (honorable mention)


The ghost of Juliard observes the growing party.
The phantom vagabond in search of his long lost gold.
Vagabond realizes the horrible truth.
Juliard searches for her lover.
Another successful reunion.
A little bunny buffage is inevitable.


Thistledown party underway.
Bobbing for apples in stormy weather.
Apples game wisely moved to meeting hall.
Some decked-out party guests.
Meanwhile, Let's Make a Deal continues in Yanshi center.
The Invisible Man pays a visit.
Dragoons website costume pictorial!


Party kicks off with dancing.
Contestants for the surprise costume contest.
The Winners!
The raffle gets out of hand when butterflies rule.
Discipline at the party is unusually brutal as Slyrius is forced to put on a drudge suit and dance! Oh, the horror!
Party hard...but not THAT hard!


Festive shot of Haunted Yanshi.
Guests get comfortable for ghost stories.
Juliard listens in the shadows to the tale of the Tipsy Watchman.
Tipsy Watchman's thoughts on Gaerlan's attack.
During the Haunted Tour, guests witness the rat's revenge.
Romano and Juliard reunited.
Guests move to A Ruin for the costume judging.
Contestants await judgement
The Winners!
The ghosts of Yanshi become posessed by the urge to party!
Some guests are a bad influence on the Tipsy Watchman.
When the cat's away...

Cragstone Farms would like to thank all the generous allegiances who made this event possible, and all the enthusiastic players who made it memorable! We'll see you next year!