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Explore the revolution and evolution that is Cragstone Farms Catering.

10/19/00: Haunted Happenings!

CFC hosted parties on several servers, and great fun was had by all!

10/17/00: CFC Announces IPO!

Cragstone Farms Catering can now be found at the easily remembered In this move, Ramen hopes to ride the waning ".com wave". Like, CFC is still happily operating in the red.

8/22/00: Betty Crocker of Leafcull brings CFC into the book of Chocolate

The results for the Quest for Chocolate contest are in, and Betty Crocker, Master Chef of Leafcull, was drawn as the winner for the chocolate ice cream recipe! Betty and CFC will be noted in the Chocolate Cookbook next month, and Betty is rumored to be selling autographed copies of the work ;^) Congratulations to Ms. Crocker!

8/12/00: CFC caters to the fashion slaves of Morningthaw

CFC was honored with the opportunity to host the second installment of the Morningthaw Fashion Show. The turnout was mind-boggling, and we made a good showing too, with Ramen, Friar Shul, Captain Cook-off, Yun Cook, and Lorien in attendance. A hearty healing thank you to all of you for doing such a great job and sticking with it for several hours! Requiem, host of the event, was kind enough to include in the first prize loot a Cragstone Farms Gift Basket, loaded with highly infused Holtburgers, applesauce, and other culinary delights.

7/18/00: CFC hits Solclaim

Let them eat cake! Without further ado, CFC opens its doors to the people of Solclaim, ready and willing to nourish the growing adventurers of this young world!

5/17/00: Memorial Day Cookoff

The Memorial Day Cookoff was a great success! The event was held on the beach near Hebian-to. A great bonfire was built, and for four hours, the mead flowed freely and the good times rolled! Get the complete writeup here!

3/21/00: First Catered Wedding Reception

On the evening of 3/21, Ramen, John Courage, and Lorien were present at the blessed wedding of Xochi and Mushi of Morningthaw. The reception was a big hit, with plenty of classy red wine and cheese, as well as ale and many infused foods! Thanks to Mushi and Xochi for letting us be a part of your special day!

2/27/00: First Catered Meeting a Success!

Our first catering job was executed on Saturday, February 26, in the Zaikhal Meeting Hall. Chefs Ramen and John Courage were there to serve food and beverages to the members at this allegiance meeting. The clients seemed pleased with the service, and hopefully we will only get better with experience!

2/4/00: CFC Looks to Branch Out

In the face of overwhelming public demand, Cragstone Farms Catering is in the process of appointing "cross-server" representation. Service has begun on Leafcull and Frostfell, with Harvestgain and Thistledown soon to follow!

The topic of representation on Darktide is under lengthy consideration, as any delicacy-laden chef hanging around Cragstone Farm on this server may very well be painting a big red bullseye on his chef uniform. However, we are not ruling out the possibility.

2/2/00: Grand Opening

An informal grand opening banquet was held at Cragstone Farm last night, from approximately 7 - 9 PM, eastern time (4-6 Pacific). Many noble adventurers stopped by to welcome the chefs, enjoy samplings of our work, and practice some of Morningthaw's hottest new dance steps. Below is a group shot of several Cragstone chefs (Ramen, John Courage, Mariam, and Eldoon the Chef) joined by a few of Morningthaw's greatest culinary connoiseurs! Thanks to all for a great event!

2/1/00: Cragstone Farms Catering Goes Public!

As of this day, the 1 February 00, Cragstone Farms Catering opened its doors to the discriminating public of Morningthaw. While head chef Ramen had been operating out of her cellar since the beginning, this date marks the official opening of what will hopefully be a great service to the people of Morningthaw.